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Welcome to the Stewy’s Greetings Opportunity

We are excited about your decision to capitalize on this amazing financial opportunity with Stewy’s Greetings through our affiliate marketing program.

How You Will Earn!

The Stewy’s Greetings Opportunity is a performance-driven program. You will be rewarded with commissions for simply referring customers for products offered by Stewy’s Greetings. You will earn 10% Commission from the total sales value of all orders acquired. There is no limit to how much you can earn. Let’s say you refer 5 customers per week who spends $15,000 each on wedding invitations, this will result in you getting $30,000 each month just like that. Imagine, $30,000, with no hassle and no complication just simple referrals to persons who you know would find value in our products. Awesome Right?

This program is ideal for just about anyone that wishes to earn some extra or even full-time income. We also partner with various individuals and companies in the wedding industry.

This Include:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Cake Bakers
  • Wedding and Reception Venues
  • Wedding Jewelers
  • Floral and Décor Suppliers
  • Dress and Suit Suppliers
  • Photographers and Videographers

How You Will Submit Orders!

Orders will be submitted in two (2) major ways:


Option 1: Submit Order on Behalf of Your Customers

You may collect the details of a product or products from your customers. Once the information has been collected, you may submit the order through our website or via email on behalf of your customers.


Option 2: Order Submitted Directly by Your Customers

You can also have your customers submit their order directly to our company through email or via our website. However, you will then be required to log the expected order by sending us an email with the name of the customer and products needed. This will allow us to create an association between the customer’s order and your affiliate commission.

When and How will Commissions be Paid?

Commissions are paid once each month. Payments are made on the 30th of each month. You are required to accumulate a minimum commission of at least $5,000 to be eligible for payment on each payment date. If the minimum commission is not met, you will have an opportunity to further accumulate the commission and receive your full payment on the next payment date.

Payment will be made via direct deposit to your bank account or via wire transfer.

OPTIONALLY: We Will Help You to be Successful

We will provide supportive tools and materials that will assist you in acquiring orders upon your request. These include sales scripts, Sales Brochure, business cards, company shirts, sample products, electronic banners etc.

The Starter supportive material cost is JMD$1700. The following support materials will be provided.

  1. 100 Customized Business Cards with your Name, Telephone, Emails.
  2. General Sales Brochure
  3. Facebook Banner
  4. Printing of Stewy’s Greetings logo on a white dress shirt. (For fitting purposes, you are required to send us the shirt that you would like to use).

Printing of Stewy’s Greetings logo on a white dress shirt. (For fitting purposes, you are required to send us the shirt that you would like to use).

Sample packs can be purchased for various products. These are samples of our products that can be used when introducing the service to your customers. Nothing beats, having a tangible product to touch and see.

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